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302 (1)
Group Toa Mangai
Occupation Defending Metru Nui
Element Earth
Kanohi Black Ruru
Tools Sword
Location Dovahlien

Brontor was one of the Toa Mangai, and assisted in defending Metru Nui. He always carried a sword on his back, and wore a black Ruru mask .


Battle with the Kanohi Dragon

Along with the other Toa Mangai, Brontor helped to defeat the evil Kanohi dragon which was seriously threatening the Matoran. Once the Turaga had been saved and the Skakdi had left the city Brontor had to take part in the one-month battle against the Kanohi dragon, and he nearly lost his life. This gruesome battle cost the lives of hundreds of Matoran and destroyed huge areas of Metru Nui, but the Toa soon became the ultimate victors. The team then split in 2 halfs, and Brontor joined Nihdiki's group to help stay and defend Metru Nui, while the other group (lead by Lhikan) took the Dragon to Xia. The Toa Mangai then became the defenders of Metru Nui.


Brontor had the elemental power Earth, and he used it mainly for manipulating terrain, soil and clay. When fighting the ruthless Kanohi dragon, he used it for causing his own earthquakes. This element gave him incredible strength and enhanced night vision.