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Vaaka is an Av/Kra-Matoran, a Shadow Matoran whom has rejected his inner darkness.


Vaaka lived within the Nui Caves with the rest of the Av-Matoran population of the Matoran Universe for most of his early life. While most of the other Av-Matoran often joked and talked with one another, Vaaka preferred to meditate in a solitary environment. Even after the Great Cataclysm, when the Av-Matoran fell into the now-dormant Karda Nui, he preferred to stay alone.

Unfortunately, during the Siege of Karda Nui, he was transformed into a Shadow Matoran by Makuta Mutran. Shortly after, he was captured by Antroz and taken to Mutran, where he was mutated into a black-armoured creature with clawed feet and bat-like wings. Even his Kanohi Kiato, Mask of Density Control, was removed and thrown into the Swamp of Secrets, and replaced with a Demutare, Mask of Mutation. Vaaka escaped, discontent with the lifestyle of Shadow Matoran, and retrieved his mask. He then fled to a cave within a fallen stalactite, and sealed it with a boulder, now unwelcome in the communities of the Av-Matoran and the Shadow Matoran.

He was forgotten after time, and had plenty of time to meditate in his cave. Through mediation, he managed to reject much of his inner darkness. The effects were visual, too; his armour turned to a mixture of black and white, and ridding him of his wings and claws.

Abilities and Traits

Vaaka is reserved and careful, but he can be quite warm and excitable if provoked. Being an Av/Kra-Matoran, he has slight power over light and darkness.

He wears a Matoran Kanohi Kiato, Mask of Density Control. He carries a pair of Power Blades, which he can use to channel his elemental power.


  • 'Vaaka' is the Finnish word for 'balance'.


BIONICLE: Fall of Destiny

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